Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There is nothing like seeing a little underweared tush running across the room! I've notice that at times it can make me choke up a bit b/c my lil boy is growing up, and I've caught myself telling hubby more than once, "look at how cute it is", while a spiderman toosh is up in the air.

Mikey doesn't have many accidents (I think the total is 2 in the past month!!!) but we seem to leave spare pairs EVERYWHERE... granny's, mammaw's, baby sitter, Aunt M's, church..... and find ourselves often running low at home. So last night I went to our mega thrift store and bought 12 pairs for $4!! I'm talking almost brand new here...of course I check for stains and such *eewww*

Of course if I had waited until today, they would have been 1/2 off(last Wed of every month everything is half off), but I knew by the time I'd get home from work today, the goods would have been gone... that's just my luck. But you better believe I'm going there before coming home tonight!!

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Qtpies7 said...

I would love it if we had a thrift store with such a great deal once a month! I'd make a trip there for that.
Great find! I got some good deals on designer teen clothes at Plato's Closet this week. I would rather real thrift store prices, but name brand is important to one of my kids right now, and making something in his life fit in is a good thing, otherwise I'd fight it because it is so materialistic.

Laane said...

What a marvellous prize!

We don't have a shop like that near... So we should keep track of what we have...