Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Almost but Not Quite...and a WFMW

I simply could not stay away for a month. Almost, but we know that only applies to a select few things in life. I've been down physically and mentally, and just stepped back from a lot of things in my life. I'm finally getting some of my zest back. Thank God for renewals. That, and of course the electricity coming back on. And medicine.

I had actually went Grocery shopping late last week and bought a freezer full of meat (we had all kinds of other staples in the house) so I was very excited (I hate shopping all at once). Never did I imagine that we in Ohio would be effected by Ike. Imagine my shock when the power went out, and I realized that we didn't have any really non-cookable items in the house besides cheez-its, peanut butter, and candy. Luckily camp stoves came in very useful. You can believe that on my next shopping excursion I will be stocking up a little section of my cabinet with non-perishable edibles. (Can anyone say spam?!?) That's what would've worked for me!

See ya soon, peeps!

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Anonymous said...

I learned a few years ago when the power went off in a snowstorm to always keep things like canned tuna around -- and a non-electric can opener!